p3310252.jpgSo, it seems this blog-thing is up and running…sort of. My technological skills are slowly improving and I think this may actually work (other than the fact that I sent the invitation to visit my blog before actually writing one…LEARNING CURVE!)

I have chosen to call this blog “Sophia Meditations” for obvious reasons. And, in view of that, I have selected a picture taken on Easter morning near the Makapuu lighthouse on Oah’u Hawai’i. We had the fantastic opportunity to hike the trail and watch the sun come up on Easter. Now, least you think we really got up THAT early, keep in mind that Hawai’i is 5 hours behind central daylight time. We actually slept in AND got to see the amazing sunrise. It was incredible to walk the trail in the dark. There was a reverence to it with quiet, almost whispered, voices. You could feel the anticipation as a trickle of light moved over the still waters. Then, the sun (Son???) in it’s brilliance broke through the darkness in full glory. Trust me, I wish we had brought bread and wine up there instead of donuts and coffee. But, sometimes we need to adapt what’s available to the situation…right???

God is present in all that is. Take time today to recognize his/her presence. Walk hand in hand with the One who loves you unconditionally and who offers unlimited joy.